Did I miss something?

The holiday went well, nice place, clean sea, great hotel. The only flaw the tv only got MTV and Rete 4, the nearest newsstand to 6 Km. Forgive me then if I am a little strange in the next few days, a week that are out of touch. However I am very concerned about the air we breathe executioner in this country, plus I do not feel at all sure, are many nights that I dream illegal immigrants steal jobs (which?), But luckily there is Silvio, he just save us all ... Uh huh ......? ...... belonging jokes beccatevi these two sentences to the limit of the criminal made ​​in Emilio Fede (I have been printed in the head, I do not think it's good):

"These people must understand that in our time hospitality is now finished"

Emilio Fede speaks of illegal immigrants, style Third Reich ...

"It is known that this kind of crime is committed mostly by non-EU"

Emilio Fede speaks of rapes, unfortunately our dear old disinformation ignores that 90% of rapes are committed in the family environment. I laugh to keep from crying.

Do not know about you but I start to seriously fed up of this mer **, okay Faith is a clown, laugh ... but I think if anyone can really believe the crap that tells starts montarmi anger ... Rete 4 among other things would be an issuer abusive ...

Colombo was closed by the Guardia di Finanza, a part of the press speaks of it as a "criminal organization well branched," here I would really much to write but unfortunately not much in the mood tonight, I refer to the whole next day. Those guys (with criminal organizations have nothing in common I assure you) even with questionable methods brought forward the so-called "free culture", have all my approval ...

Photo kindly offered my camera from the Cinque Terre (Liguria).

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